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You Are Not Your Waistline

Updated: Mar 31

“I want to fit into a size 2.”

“I want to have six-pack abs.”

“I want to lose 30 pounds this year.”

In the pursuit of a perfect waistline, we often find ourselves saying phrases like these. Although many of us share these aspirations, it’s crucial to question why.

For some, weight loss is a matter of health. However, for many, the desire for a particular physique is more about conforming to societal beauty standards than achieving optimal fitness. A tapered waist, in these cases, may be less about well-being and more about feeling “good enough.”

However, here is a fundamental truth:

You already are good enough.

As children, we inherently grasp this truth. Children are carefree and happy, often oblivious to societal judgements about appearance. They take pride in who they are and how they look, expecting praise for their accomplishments. 

Yet, as we grow, we’re bombarded by societal messages telling us we’re not good enough. These messages come from fitness coaches promoting protein shakes, images of “picture-perfect” models in shopping malls, and sadly, even from parents or caretakers who may have imposed unrealistic standards of appearance.

Society may make you feel perpetually inadequate. From specific body shapes to income brackets, zip codes to ageless appearances, the standards seem endless and unattainable. It’s a race with a constantly shifting goal line. 

So, why not take a different approach?

Instead of disempowering ourselves with endless diets and surgeries, let’s do something profound and empowering:

Let us radically accept ourselves the way we are.

This doesn’t mean halting growth or neglecting health. It doesn’t mean abandoning goals. Instead, it is about embracing who we are while becoming the best versions of ourselves. It is about focusing on our ideals rather than on society’s.

Let’s stop entering races where no one can win.

Let’s stop fighting against our nature.

Let’s stop nitpicking at our bodies.

Let us thank our bodies for taking care of us.

Let us embrace our nature and strive to become the best version of ourselves.

Let us embark on a journey with ourselves, where the only comparison is between who we were and who we strive to be.

If you are ready to make that change, contact me today for a complimentary discovery call.

This article was originally published in Connected Wellness Magazine,

Issue 8, January 2024.

Photo credit: Hannah Xu for Unsplash

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