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Counselling & Hypnotherapy

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Balance | Fulfillment | Peace of Mind

My Story

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Hi! My name is Rosanna, and I have been passionate about helping others and advocating for social change since I can remember. I grew up in an area surrounded by violence and poverty and witnessed a lot of suffering. However, amidst this backdrop, I also saw people come together, help one another, and ultimately, thrive. This led me on a journey to answer a burning question:

What is the key element that helps people not only survive but thrive in life? 


I then began volunteering at the age of 13 with various organizations, such as the YMCA, the Migrant Children's Foundation, and Horses Offering People Enrichment. I also worked in crisis centres, community centres, and counselling centres. Outside of social work, I worked in the education industry for +10 years in positions of management, teaching, and counselling. After having the privilege to mentor and be mentored by people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life, I've come to realize this:

The key element that helps people survive and thrive in life is their mindset.


Sounds simple, right? But unfortunately, many of us were never taught how our minds work, much less how to use our minds to the best of our advantage. Moreover, so much of how we see ourselves and our lives begins with the stories we tell ourselves. Now, I am on my next journey of combining my passion and experiences in counselling, education, and social change to help you create a life you love.


This is my story; I look forward to hearing yours. 

Our Values

We hold three core values that guide our mission and define our commitment to creating a positive impact on individuals' lives: Balance, Fulfillment, and Peace of Mind. These values form the foundation of everything we do, driving us to empower people to achieve holistic well-being and find true harmony in their personal and professional endeavors.


We believe in the power of balance—the delicate equilibrium that enables individuals to thrive in all aspects of life. We advocate for nurturing a healthy work-life balance, recognizing that mental and emotional well-being flourish when there is time for both personal growth and relaxation. By encouraging individuals to prioritize self-care, family, hobbies, and social connections alongside their responsibilities, we aim to instill a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in all areas of life.


Fulfillment is the pursuit of genuine happiness and contentment. We are dedicated to helping individuals discover their passions, talents, and purpose, empowering them to live a life aligned with their values and aspirations. Through our counselling support, we strive to inspire a sense of purpose and fulfillment, fostering a deep sense of satisfaction and joy in every individual we reach.

Peace of Mind

We recognize the significance of peace of mind—the inner tranquility that comes from feeling secure, supported, and emotionally centered. We are committed to promoting practices and tools that aid in reducing stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. By encouraging mindfulness, self-compassion, and healthy coping mechanisms, we aspire to equip individuals with the ability to navigate life's challenges with clarity and composure, fostering a lasting state of peace of mind.

Our Mission

Normalize the Consideration of Mental Health in Our Daily Lives

We seek to foster a society where the consideration of mental health becomes an integral and natural part of our daily lives. We envision a world where self-care is celebrated, not stigmatized. A world where individuals prioritize their mental well-being and value it as much as their physical health.

Eradicate Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

Our passionate mission is to foster a world where every individual feels empowered to seek help, support, and understanding without judgment or discrimination. We seek to foster a future where mental health is embraced openly and without shame, where seeking help is an act of courage, and where support is readily available

to all.

Educate & Promote the Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a transformative and evidence-based therapeutic tool that can unlock untapped potential within the human mind, leading to positive, lasting change and holistic well-being. By championing the profound benefits of hypnotherapy, we envision a world where individuals can tap into their inner resources, embrace positive change, and lead fulfilling lives.

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