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What is RTT?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) is a contemporary method of therapy developed by Marisa Peer, one of the top therapists in the UK.


RTT® draws upon powerful techniques from a range of therapy types, such as:


Gestalt Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


RTT® also utilizes techniques from Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness.


RTT® helps clients address the core root cause of their problems and reframe any negative beliefs, values, habits, and emotions — many of which we carry since childhood. Often, these beliefs have been so deeply buried in our subconscious, that we are unaware of how these past issues continue to affect us today.

Rosanna is a certified RTT® Practitioner and Associate, dedicated to using results-oriented solutions to help her clients achieve lives of purpose, meaning, and peace of mind.

My Story with RTT

"You will have eczema for the rest of your life."

Ever since I was five years old, I suffered from a skin condition called eczema. Because it was a genetic condition, doctors, dermatologists, and other specialists told me I would have this condition for the rest of my life. For the next two decades, doctors continued to tell me things like:

"There is no known cure."

"You just have to learn to manage it."

And so, for the next 20 years or so, I learned to live with and manage my eczema.

Until one day, I couldn't.

Pus oozed from my left index finger and refused to stop. Rather than getting better, the eczema continued to spread to my left thumb, to the top of my left hand, and even onto my palm. 

My right hand was only slightly better; although the eczema had also reached multiple fingers, it had yet to pus 24/7.

This condition is known as "weeping eczema," and it made living my day-to-day almost impossible. I struggled to carry groceries, wash my hair, do arm exercises, and properly do my job.

The pills and ointment I was prescribed stopped working.

Not knowing where else to turn, I decided to try RTT® and within a few months, my eczema not only went away, it did not return.

That's right: the eczema which had plagued me for over 20 years was gone. And in its place are my now healthy, perfectly smooth fingers. Looking at my hands now, I can't even see traces of eczema left over.

Was it a miracle?


It was approaching my skin condition from a completely different angle than the conventional method of using medicine and ointment.

It was approaching the skin condition deeper than skin deep.

It was delving into the mind-body connection to discover how my mind, my beliefs, and my subconscious programming had actually caused my eczema to not only remain but worsen whenever I felt stressed and anxious.

It was using RTT® to extract these beliefs and replace them with healthier and more beneficial beliefs.

In short, it was addressing my skin condition beyond the surface and into the core root. By resolving the core issue, the symptom (ie. eczema) naturally went away and never returned.

“We are not victims of our genetics. We are creating our genetic activity by consciousness. So, if you change your consciousness, you change your life. That’s the game."

- Dr. Bruce Lipton


In hindsight, this makes so much sense. We are often told that multiple ailments are caused by stress, such as acne, insomnia, and high blood pressure. As a matter of fact, highly-respected cell biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, states that 90% of all illnesses are caused by stress.


With RTT®, I was able to change my beliefs, change my consciousness, and change my body. The physiological connection between body and mind is powerful enough to cause issues.  And with the right guidance, the mind-body connection is also powerful enough to resolve issues, create solutions, and transform your life.


This is how RTT changed my life.

Contact me today if you are ready to change your life, too.

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