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Rupert Grint on Being Afraid

Updated: Jan 31

Rupert Grint starred in Harry Potter as Ron Weasley. Besides looking the part, both Rupert and Ron were afraid of spiders.

In a video with British GQ, Rupert opened up about his arachnophobia:

Rupert Grint: "Hi British GQ, I’m Rupert Grint, and I’m going undercover on the Internet.”

[Reading online comment] 'If Rupert is a full-on arachnophobe, how on Earth did he manage film with all the spiders in The Chamber of Secrets? Talk about hell.'

“Weirdly, the giant ones don't have the same effect. It's the kind of little ones that can get in your clothes and kind of crawl all over you.

“At one point they were going to use a real spider in a scene, and we did a few tests where they put one on my leg. I had a full-on panic attack, and we never did it again.

“Got better now I’m a dad; I can kind of force myself to deal with them. Still very much one of my biggest fears.”

Fatherhood helped Rupert overcome his phobia, but there are other alternatives to overcoming your fears.

Hypnotherapy is a proven method with a high success rate in helping people overcome their fears, such as dental phobia, agoraphobia, and of course, arachnophobia.

With RTT® specifically, some people may overcome their fears in less than 1 month.

This is what happened with one of my clients who suffered from a debilitating fear of heights. After just 1 session, they went on to completing a via ferrata!

Are you ready to overcome your phobias and enjoy life without fear?

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