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Emma Watson on Imposter Syndrome

Updated: Jan 31

Emma Watson isn't afraid of opening up about her vulnerabilities.

In an interview with British Vogue, she shared about her experiences with imposter syndrome:

Emma Watson: "I did this speech for the UN, this campaign that we launched called HeForShe, and I had like, a massive case of the imposter syndrome because suddenly I was like, me coming out as this feminist...The impostor syndrome hit hard, and I was kinda like, I need to go to some people who've been doing this for a while and talk to them...It was just a really helpful conversation because she was just so loving and accepting in terms of, kind of like, everyone is where they are on their learning journey. As long as you're doing the work, you are actively seeking and pursuing understanding and connection genuinely from a curious place, then you're gonna be fine.”

Pursuing understanding and genuine connection has led Emma to engage in “a lot of therapy”.

As an actress, UN ambassador, and public figure, Emma showcases how we can always continue to grow as human beings with help from friends and professionals.

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